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I am Sindy, a full time wife, mom and teacher.  I’ve always had a passion for decor.  Besides being a famous rockstar, I always wanted to be a designer, so I became a teacher instead.  So, this space here is my creative outlet. A place for me to share my small and big home projects with you. A place where I can document each corner of my home, before I change it up again (so really, it’s just proof of my husband’s theory, that it’s going to change again before we all get use to it).  My hubby isn’t a fan of my constant rearranging and new ideas.  But he is always happy when I find a good thrift or DIY ( DIY, as in he doesn’t have to help) with the project.

I share most of my work on Instagram and Pinterest


“This is my creative outlet, although I do fantasize about what my life would be like if I was a rock star.”

Welcome and thanks for stopping by