Tips For Buying The Right Throw Pillow Covers

It hasn’t been the greatest Spring weather here in Ontario, and I’m dreading the wait. Plus, we’ve been social distancing,  so I’m just looking for something to do. Spring is my favourite season,  so I am updating my current pillow situation to get that spring feel.

I don’t know about you,  but my home is being invaded with throw pillows. It’s a bit of a problem.🙈 They’re currently being stored in all my closets,  laundryroom, linen closet,  master closet,  and…. even my kids’ bedrooms. One of the things I like to consider is using pillow covers. If you’re like me, there’s the right pillow for every season. Throwpillows with texture,  colour and pattern add so much to a room.  But, if you’re also like me, you’ve come to realize that pillows are taking over your neatly ideal organized closets, and there isn’t any room to keep them all. 

Well, I’ve got you covered.  I’m going to help you find a solution to the pillow madness.  BUY PILLOW COVERS! Yes, you heard it right. Are you having that “ahhha” moment. I know,  clever solution right? Imagine having only a number of pillows,  and plenty of pillow covers to change them up obsessively like I do?Winning!!!

But, I’ve bought pillow covers and made some mistakes.  Nothing is that easy. So, I’m sharing some tips for purchasing the right pillow covers.

Pillow Covers Save Space 

Instead of having so many pillows (that take up space), consider purchasing pillow covers instead.  You will save space and they tend to be cheaper in price. It’s much easier to store pillow covers than actual pillows. Since I already have enough pillows but running out of room to store them all, having pillow covers allows me to keep the pillows I have and to change them up for the seasons. I’m currently in the market and I found some really nice pillow covers on Amazon.


Make sure to measure the pillows you already have.  If you have an arrangement of pillow,  make sure to purchase pillow covers that match your varying sizes. Take good inventory of what you already have, and what size pillow covers you need.

Product Care

If you’re changing your pillows alot,  you’re probably also washing them before you store them away. 

Make sure to read the washing instructions,  and consider purchasing pillow covers that are easy to wash.  

Just like curtains,  bed linens or clothing,  every fabric has different care instructions.  There are pillow covers that are machine washable,  hand wash or dry clean only. Also consider that certain materials may bleed colour when washing,  so test out a small corner to make sure.  Or, if you’re worried about this,  wash by hand. 


I’m no expert,  but I’ve bought pillow covers that were the same size of my throw pillow,  and it was a wrestling match trying to get the pillows into the covers.  I have needed to exchange and get larger ones.  I like to buy them a couple inches larger than my pillows.  If you have an 18×18 pillow, go for a 20×20, and save your pride winning the wrestling match with your pillow.

Here are some of my faves:

From Etsy

From Article

And my personal fave from Instagram @xasmin_interiors

Hand woven, hand made from Xasmin Interiors

Hope you enjoyed those few simple tips for choosing the right throw pillow cover.  Have a great week, stay safe and see you all next Monday.

Take care everyone,

Sindy at Tanglewood Homes