Lounge Room Makeover (Sneak Peek)

I am excited to share a sneak peek of my plan for the Lounge Room makeover.   I’ll be sharing all the process for this lounge room on my Instagram. 

I have a love hate relationship with our dining room.  It is too small for a dining table, sideboard, and chairs ( just under 11 ft x 11 ft).  This room has served as everything…BUT a dining room….a playroom/junk room/games room for 12 of our 15 years we’ve been in our home.  After our main floor renovation a few years ago, we got rid of the toys and junk and added some armchairs, a sideboard and a floor lamp and called it a day.  That wasn’t what I envisioned for this space though.

When we saw the builder plans for our home, we knew this would be a small dining room, and so we  started calling it our “Cigar Lounge” room ( we don’t smoke cigars, nor would we want anyone to in our home, but the idea of that style of room was what we wanted it to look and feel like.  Then we added a gallery wall (see below)

The cigar lounge we wanted was now the gallery wall room.   A  black shiplap gallery wall.  4 giant rows of poplar shelves and large framed pictures of our family.  This gallery wall blew it out the park, and it has become a follower favourite on my Instagram.   Although I really love this gallery wall,  furniture placement became an isuue.  The best place for a small sofa is against the gallery .  I can’t cover the gallery wall with a sofa, it’s just to pretty.   So, we had the armchairs facing each other without a coffee table or rug.  It still wasn’t cozy enough for us and  in no way did it resemble a cool cigar lounge …LOL

You’re the first to see the design for my Cigar Lounge Room here.  Let’s start with the feature wall, because if you know me, every room in my home has a feature wall.  I will be making a feature wall using  1/4 ” maple plywood.  It will be 3 simple panels, with clean lines and I will put the  panels up right over top of the black shiplap.  I’ve talked about this on my Instagram stories, and many followers are even shocked that my  gallery wall is going bye bye. But, we really need that wall space for furniture, 

I haven’t figured out the stain yet, but it will be very light and natural looking (keep watching my Instagram stories. I will be sharing all of the process there

Modern Lounge Room
Modern Cigar Lounge Room

Modern Lounge Lighting Plan

I currently have the Ikea Knixhult Pendant Light but I’ll be changing that for a more modern LED matte black pendant light.

LED Matte Black Pendant Light

LED Black Matte Pendant Light by Dainolite


Picking out new furniture is not always as fun as one would think.  I want to make this room feel more Lounge-y ( I know, it isn’t a word, but it sounds cool).  This Cigar Armless Loveseat from Article was meant to be….can you believe it is called, “Cigar”, just what we’ve been calling this room for the last 15 years.  It was meant for this room!  With  modern design  and not to mention how comfortable it is.  Next to it, I will be theNarro Sidetable, also from Article.  I love the carrera marble base and want to incorporate more marble into my space. (side note:   I ripped out marble flooring 3 years ago when I did our renovation, and I miss it alot).

Modern and Cozy Area Rug

 Holy moly!!! Did it EVER take me long to choose an area rug for this room.  Once again, this awkward sized room left me with slim pickings for an area rug.  Everything I liked was either too small, or too big.  The room is square shape and let me tell you…it is hard to find a nice area rug that is square.  I ended up going with a 6×9 rectangle  ( see my Instagram stories for a peek of the rug I chose).  Head over to my Instagram, under my highlight bubble called, “Cigar Lounge Room”, to see the rug. 

Modern Lounge Room Furniture

I am still undecided about the sideboard for this room.   There is a possibility that I may be refinishing one, but I haven’t committed to one yet. That goes the same for my coffee table, also found one I am in love with on FBM, but it sold so fast and it was exactly what I am looking for. I will be sharing progress over on my Instagram, so come see my stories.

Modern Lounge Room
Modern Cigar Lounge Room

So…..what do you think of this design plan?  It is very different than anything I have done before. That makes me so excited.  Please head over to my Instagram @tanglewood_homes and let me know if you saw this sneak peek of the Cigar Lounge Room.  Send me a message and tell me what you think.  I really want to hear from you and appreciate you stopping in.

Until next time friends,

Sindy @tanglewood_homes