You’ve browsed social media, magazines and watched home shows, and then you can’t help but think, “I want to change my kitchen, I wish I coukd change my backsplash, I want to paint my walls”. We’ve all been there, you’re not alone!

If You Want to Change it, Just Paint It

You can get a totally new look by only painting your walls. Paint a feature wall, an entryway, or a bathroom, wherever you decide, that room is SURE to get an INSTANT update. A painted wall is so noticeable, everyone who walks into your home notices it….why? Because it makes a HUGE impact.

Easiest Way To Transform a Space

Now, we know that painting is by no means a huge DIY, but for anyone out there that wants to change your decor, changing the colour of your walls  is THE ONE EASIEST and cheapest way to get that new look.

So above is the “greige” wall I’m referring to. Not bad, just not bright enough.

Watch How This Room Gets Transformed
Step 1: Tape Your Area Off

Using painter’s tape, cover the area you don’t want to get on. This includes covering the floors, surrounding walls, and in my case, around the fireplace mantle.

Step 2: If You’re Painting Tile, Paint In The Grout Lines First, Otherwise Go Straight To Painting

I painted 2 coats over the grout lines, once they dried, I went straight to the entire wall. I did 2 coats altogether.

the finished wall with white paint

Voila, same sofas, same lighting, same rug

white paint is donepic of limestone wall before

Well, that was easy.  I can’t get over the look of the room now.  White paint for the win my friends.  Next on the blog, I will be sharing how I made my large picture gallery wall and it will be so easy.

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