I was so inspired by @jacidaily dirt lamp that I had to try it myself.

The whole idea is that the lamp gets a new “found” look. Found, meaning looking old and with age and patina. Some of these found decor pieces can actually cost up to hundreds of dollars if you were to buy them at high end stores. 

So watch as I transform an old lamp I bought at the thrift store into something that has gotten so much attention on my Instagram.

Step 1: Here’s The Spray Paint and the Lamp

Before of lamp and what spray paint I used
Step 2: Spray the Lamp

Fastest Spray Painter 😅 Give the video a minute to load

Now let the spray paint dry. I waited about 45 minutes

Step 3: After Finding Dirt, Add Water to it

Just add some water
Step 4: Rub the dirt in the lamp

I started by applying the dirt the back of the lamp so that I could get used to the motion in the lines that the dirt was making on the lamp.

Start by rubbing the dirt at the back of the lamp
Step 5: Wait for the dirt to dry (approx. 45 minutes)
Step 6: Begin removing some dirt

Use an old cloth to wipe away the dirt

Start to remove the dirt going in the same direction until you achieve the look that you like.

Keep the same motion so the little stones in the dirt make the same look throughout
Step 7: You’re Done, now be happy you saved $$$ dollars

Let me know if you tried this… Tag me on Instagram @tanglewood_homes

What I could’ve paid….

Show me your painted dirt lamp. Tag me on Instagram @tanglewood_homes