Lately I have been eyeing a lot of beautiful homes with gorgeous concrete walls.  So, I decided to create some as part of the Better Homes and Gardens One Room Challenge.

I’ve learned to use what I have on hand.   Today,  I’m sharing how I created these concrete walls  in my basement.

Our basement is mainly used by our children. They play Lego, electronic games, and when friends come over that’s where they hang out. It’s fully finished, with a beautiful fireplace, a dance corner for my daughter, a wet bar and of course a tv.  But, truth be told, it’s really just a dumping ground for unused,  furniture,  like old sofas, mirrors or coffee tables.

I was a guest participant again up for the Better Homes and Garden Spring 2020 One Room Challenge, and the basement was the room I worked on. But because of Covid-19, the challenge was delayed to begin.  I was bored in the house and really needing to do something.


Here is the ‘BEFORE” of my basement. As you can see, there was no plan and it really was just a dumping ground. Our basement inherits everything we don’t use anymore.

Creating the  Faux Concrete Effect

The walls were already painted gray, which was where I had the idea that if I just added white over it….it could look like concrete. TBH, I had no technique in the beginning,  I was just winging it.  I applied white paint with a small roller and spread to see what happened.

My  technique was to roll white paint over top of the gray paint until it looked the way I wanted it. I applied white paint randomly in different areas, spreading it around with a roller.  That is all really.

Tips: *Remember, you want to spread the white paint, but not to cover up over all the gray, or you’ll just end up panting the wall white, which is not what we’re trying to do here.

* Take a step back after each small area,  to see which spots needed more white.

*It doesn’t matter if you miss some areas,  because that  left some gray, creating the look of concrete.

*You could go with a darker concrete look too.  

Watch the video for How to Create a Concrete Wall

Concrete Wall Effect
Easy DIY Concrete Wall Effect

So what do you think? I CAN’T wait to show you more, but for now, it’s a One Room Challenge secret.

Let me know if you try this concrete wall,  I would love to see it and share it on my  Instagram @tanglewood_homes

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